Adding Cessna 182T Console Cupholder to an Older 182

CJ1036 Console Cupholder
CJ1036 Console Cupholder

Cessna CJ1036 Floor Organizer

After flying a few late model 172SP’s, this Cessna cupholder seemed like the best small cockpit organizer for any high-wing Cessna. It’s standard equipment in all 172’s/182’s since 1997.

Easily stores a small flashlight in the upper right, POH and checklist in the long slot, a pair of water bottles, and aft sunglasses & a couple of pens.

Everything stays put and easy reach. The unit is very sturdy, bottom weighted, attached to the floor with velcro.

The unit fits my 182P perfectly and it’s built way tougher than any automotive solution.

Cessna part# CJ1036 and sells for about $143.

9 Replies to “Adding Cessna 182T Console Cupholder to an Older 182”

    1. Yes, Cessna still sells the floor organizer. It’s shipped with the current 182/172 models. Really a fantastic accessory.

    1. I’d love to know the answer to that. The console attaches with velcro to the floor, so absolute position isn’t a requirement. If you get it send me a pic installed and I’ll put it on teh blog for other to see.

  1. Where can I find one of these?!?! I have been searching everywhere. I have found a clear acrylic one, but costs $300 and doesn’t have a cup holder.

    1. It’s Cessna part# CJ1036, and can be ordered from Airpower or other Cessna parts distributor. Once you use this simple organizer, you’ll wonder how you got along without it. At least in my own case this was true.

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