N46PG at L35 Big Bear California

Welcome Cessna Skylane N46PG Blog site.

N46PG is an ideal mountain plane with a Rajay turbo-normalized set-up, Robertson STOL kit and Hartzell 3 blade scimitar prop.

The Cessna Skylane is manufactured in the United States since 1956 and still in production today, with over 23,240 produced.

The Skylane is roomy, comfortable, well-engineered aircraft with great performance and fairly docile handling.

About the Plane(STC’s Installed)

Cessna Skylane 182P N46PG is a unique aircraft with significant STC’s installed improving aircraft performance, maintenance, and search & rescue; making her a nearly idea high altitude and backcountry plane.

Supplemental Type Certificates:

• Robertson STOL (SA1382WE)
• Rajay Twin Turbo-normalized (SA1032SE)
• Hartzell 3-Blade Prop PHC-G3YF-1RF/F8068 (SA02821CH)
• Brackett Air Filter (SA71GL)
• ACK Technologies, Inc Model E-04 406mhz ELT

STC Summary

The Hartzell prop, Rajay Turbo-normalized system, and Robertson R/STOL system all contribute individually or in concert to improve take-off, climb, cruise, or landing performance at all altitudes to various degrees of realization.  Specific data for improved take-off & landing performance over on an unmodified 182P with an R/STOL kit will be the subject of a future Blog post.

At high density altitudes, the Rajay Turbo system will further improve performance; however, the combination of the total systems’ performance improvement as a unit is not yet fully documented with specific performance data.

Rajay Turbo-normalized System Summary

All naturally aspirated internal combustion engines experience a reduction of full throttle sea-level power output as they attain higher altitude. This is due to the air becoming progressively less dense at all altitudes above sea level.  This system will provide normal sea level cruise power through 20,000 feet, in a simple economical manner.

Robertson R/STOL System Summary

Many consider Robertson the “Cadillac” of STOL systems.  The system is passive in cruise and active on take-off and landing when flaps are utilized.

The Robertson system is an active STOL kit (Short Take-off or Landing), reduces the planes original landing & take-off performance by as much as 40%. The set-up includes a stall fence, leading edge wing cuff, and conversion of the alerions to flaperons. R/STOL is unique as this is an active STOL system. In the is set-up, the alerions droop progressively with each notch of flaps to create added lift while at slow flight.

Near stall, airflow separation over the outboard wing limits roll control because the ailerons “Stall out”. Wings stall first at the root where the wing joins the body. The stall then moves outboard as the wing angle of attack increases.

R/STOL includes a chordwise fence on the upper wing surface between the inboard & outboard sections. This fence effectively blocks further stall progression.  When a stall does occur, it is docile and roll control remains sharp.

The stall speed is reduced to 36kts indicated airspeed at max gross weight.

Hartzell 3-Blade Prop PHC-G3YF-1RF/F8068 (SA02821CH)

No performance data current exists from flight testing this aircraft which documents improvements in climb rate, thought additional performance is expected with 3 blade props. Book data is used in flight operations, until new data is demonstrated.

Brackett Air Filter (SA71GL)

Brackett Aircraft Company (now Bracket Aero Filters, Inc) filters provide greater air filtration with 98% efficiency. This disposable impregnated foam media is water proof and provides a higher level of protection over legacy paper filtration. Better filtration and more durable than a paper filter.

Under normal conditions replace filter element, PN BA-8103-1, after 200 hours use or 1 year intervals, or when element is 50% covered with foreign material.

ACK Technologies E-04 406mhz ELT

Obsolete factory Narco 121.5mhz ELT replaced with a certified 406mhz ELT conforming to current standards for emergency beacon satellite detection.  The beacon is activated by high G-force movement or manual activation by panel switch.

In the event of an emergency, the new 406 reduces a search area from 782 square miles to 339 square yards.

About the Blog

A quick introduction. My name is Nordic Dave, an owner pilot & aviation enthusiast.  I’ve always dreamed of flying and possibly one day owning a plane.  After raising a family that dream was finally realized.

This Blog chronicles a few highlights of aircraft ownership and flying experiences.

All work performed is in compliance with FAA regulations supervised or performed by a licensed A&P, with proper logbook entries. All work is counter checked again by a local prominent A&P with IA certification.

Hope you enjoy the posts and sharing the joy of aviation!


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